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Why Take LAMDA Exams?

Posted on 14/03/2016

Over the past month, a group of Articulate students have taken LAMDA (London Academy of Dramatic Art) examinations, and competed in local festivals including the Mrs Sunderland Festival, the Robertshaw Festival and this May, will compete in the Wharfedale Festival.

Each and every one of these talented Articulate students has performed exceptionally; in the LAMDA examinations, every single entrant from Articulate was awarded a 'Distinction', the highest grade there is. To give you an idea of how obtainable this grade is, approximately 10% of all UK entrants receive this award. In fact, Articulate was formally recognised by LAMDA for this achievement. Melissa Johns - Watson, Anna Morris, Ella Gretch- Cini and Jamie Lynch were all awarded an unprecedented 100 / 100 marks. Incredible.

Our Festival results were equally as inspiring, as, in the limited number of categories that we entered,  Articulate students received 4 First Places, 5 Second Places, and 6 Third Places, with feedback on the 'exceptional standard' of the Articulate candidates. Jamie Lynch, 12, was awarded 'The First Honours of the Festival'; a real achievement.

This very talented group of Articulate students attend either our LAMDA Public Speaking Classes or our LAMDA Drama Classes.

You’re probably wondering what LAMDA really is? Well, LAMDA is the national body for communication and dramatic qualifications; there are LAMDA centres all over the UK and Articulate is pleased to be approved and registered as a private LAMDA centre.

LAMDA’s headquarters is based in London, and it is here that Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Armitage and many leading communicators including politicians, lawyers and leaders trained in communication and the dramatic arts.

The benefits of these LAMDA qualifications are voluminous, but here are our top three reasons to consider taking a LAMDA class:

  • Confidence - Preforming solo is challenging and daunting, but at Articulate we teach students to be so comfortable in themselves and confident in their abilities, that standing up in front of a crowd, alone, becomes second nature; a skill that will benefit our children through to adulthood.
  • Communication - It is essential that we teach our children to be able to communicate effectively. This means clearly, confidently, with good pronunciation and strong projection. Almost all careers require strong communication skills.
  • Qualifications- LAMDA examinations offer students formal qualifications in Public Speaking and Drama and will enhance any CV. In fact, the higher grades of the LAMDA syllabus offer students invaluable UCAS points, for those students applying to university or colleges.

You can find out more about our LAMDA Public Speaking Classes by clicking here, and you can learn more about or LAMDA Drama Classes by clicking here. Students may take LAMDA Drama from 4 - 18 years of age, and may take LAMDA Public Speaking from ages 8 - 18.

If you’d like to book a free trial at any of these LAMDA classes, give the office a call on 01274 592828, or email us at

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